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Shower trays Made to Measure

Shower trays from Teos and Kyntos series are made of marble conglomerate, material characterized by excellent functional properties and aesthetic values. This material is resistant to various types of dirt, depigmentation and abrasion.

Stone’s structural surface has non-slip properties which ensures safety during the usage. The design of the shower trays guarantees their easy installation directly on the floor or enables flushing the shower tray with the floor level. Shower trays are available in colors: White, Black, Anthracite and Cemento, depending on the model with:
– a drain line with a cover in the shower tray’s color,
– a compact drain with a grid in stainless steel or in the same color as the shower tray.

It is possible to cut the shower tray into non-standard sizes and shapes. The customer can do it individually or order a cutting service in Radaway.
When ordering a shower tray, please fill out the form Shower tray cutting form by giving the exact dimensions and location of the cut.

Below we present examples of possibilities for cutting the shower trays.

Examples of cutting the Teos shower tray
Examples of cutting the Kyntos shower tray

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